Music Jotter: A Composer Led Music Notation Software

What is Music Jotter?

Music Jotter is an easy to use professional music notation software that let’s you write music anywhere you want. You can write music on your Windows or Mac computer, save it to the web and continue composing music online (on your phone or iPad too!). This software is being built by a composer who understands that being fluid and responsive is more important than features alone. You can then share your music with a link. This is what a Music Jotter interface looks like, presented by its mascot:

Music Jotter’s Interface
Excerpt of Chopin’s Fantasie Impromptu Scored with Music Jotter


As of quarter 1 of 2022, Music Jotter is 25% complete, and you can play around in the sandbox. Notice how your score has a unique link. Here is an example of a score link:
/psize/1280:1400/ — The page size of a score (w x h)./scale/0.7/ — The zoom factor of a score. 1 is the default value./spacing/-6.5/ — The note spacing of a score where 0 is the default./orientation/h/ — Display the score horizontally (h) or vertically (v)./pdf/true/ — You can showcase your score with a link to the pdf download./svg/true/ — Export just the svg notation. Young Composers uses this to embed scores without an iframe.

Community Integration

Music Jotter scores can also be integrated into communities. Because the creator of Music Jotter is also the owner of Young Composers, he was able to create a hook and make use of Music Jotter’s API in order to integrate a score right within a post.

Fantastic Tuplet Support

Music Jotter can handle tuplets that even some of the top tier competitors simply cannot handle. Watch the creator demonstrate how simple it is to input complex tuplets:

A Complex Tuplet Tutorial using Music Jotter

The Commercial that built an 8000+ Community

This commercial explains what Music Jotter is in 1 minute and 20 seconds, and it has been shown to hundreds of thousands of people. This ad is responsible for building excitement around Music Jotter’s Kickstarter campaign.

Music Scrubbing, an Ignored Technology

Music scrubbing is where you drag a playbar across the notes and hear them play at your own pace. This technology is so easy to use, it will revolutionize how you compose. Ignored by most top tier competitors, and non existent in the cloud market, Music Jotter will change the landscape and put a huge focus on music scrubbing. Check out how to conduct Beethoven’s 5th using this technology!

Kickstarter + Pricing

Music Jotter is launching a Kickstarter Campaign, so if you want to become an early adopter and support its development, in return you will enjoy lifetime discounts. Listen to the creator speak about the pricing structure in his second livestream:


The creator of Music Jotter is Mike, a high energy composer, engineer and businessman looking to enter the music notation software market. He loves chatting with his audience, and already has created 2 Q&A livestreams around this mission. Each detailed session is timestamped, and watching these livestreams is a great way to get to know Mike, and of course, Music Jotter!

  1. Livestream #1
  2. Livestream #2

Mike understands how to build this software, and realizes that there is more to music notation software than just its features. The look and feel of a software like this is important and often neglected by traditional developers of notation software. Therefore, Music Jotter will not only be a voice for this community, but it will also be the composer led software that everyone was looking for!




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